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History of the Nisei Farmers League

In 1971, a small group of Japanese-American growers met in Fowler, California to discuss the mounting problems being faced by California agriculture. It was a turbulent time. The newly formed United Farm Workers labor union was increasing pressure on farms throughout the San Joaquin Valley. Growers were struggling daily with picketing, boycotts and changes to the state labor law. The group talked about the need to unify growers and to establish a rapid-response support network to protect growers property and farm workers ability to work. Within months more growers joined the discussion; a meeting was held and an organization was formed, taking its name from the term for second-generation Japanese-American “Nisei.”

As a “mutual protection society”, the early Nisei Farmers League (NFL) proved effective in defending the rights and property of its grower members. Membership swelled and soon the Nisei members were joined by growers from many other ethnicities. The violence and threats of the seventies eventually subsided, but the idea of grower unification strengthened.

The NFL quickly evolved into a sophisticated grower support organization committed to giving its membership a strong, informed voice in dealing with a growing array of issues. In the early eighties, the NFL was one of the key organizations that led the charge for immigration reform resulting in the passage of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

NFL leadership worked tirelessly for the federal government to recognize the injustice that Japanese-Americans endured during World War II. In 1988, the Office of Redress Administration was established to provide a small gesture of restitution for the relocation and internment Japanese-Americans had endured. The NFL helped raise money for the construction of the Japanese American Memorial to Patriotism During WWII at the National Mall in Washington DC.  

Today, from the fields of the San Joaquin Valley to the halls of government, the Nisei Farmers League is well-respected for its tireless commitment to serving the needs of its growers, farm workers and all of California agriculture.



Complex labor regulations and related workplace issues are a reality of California agriculture today. The NFL staff maintains an up-to-date working knowledge of these issues and assists our members in understanding and staying in compliance with these sometimes daunting regulations and requirements.

We have an in-house attorney, Peter Aguayo who focuses on Labor & Immigration. Our staff assists with DACA, Petitioning for Permanent Resident, Naturalization and Citizenship applications. Consultations are free, contact Luis Ramirez, Labor & Immigration Case Worker/ Translator at office@niseifarmersleague.com, office@insureamericaproject.org.

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Air Quality

For several years the NFL has actively represented grower interests by encouraging them to apply for the Tractor Replacement Program. The program is set by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, for Growers to apply for a newer and much cleaner tier 3 or 4 tractor. The District grants are available to replace older equipment and reduce dust in the San Joaquin Valley. (Click on title above “Air Quality” for the link).   

The ability to trade across state lines is of utmost importance for agriculture.  One of our biggest challenges for interstate commerce is Air Quality.  No other state has the restrictions that California has on their modes of transportation coming across state lines. This is where the unfairness comes in for the California agricultural industry.  We work hard with all agencies involved in this issue.

The NFL has been working with our federal legislators, Homeland Security and other U.S. officials to pressure the opening of ports (when needed) and find relief for those that were unable to move products due to labor strikes.

Water needs and requirements

Nisei Farmers League has been part of many battles for our growers to have the needs and requirements for our Central Valley water. From water quality requirements and ability of storage and groundwater. Sigma replacement and Federal requirements.

The Nisei Farmers League works on legislation that affects the use and management of our water supplies including groundwater. We also work on legislation that affects our water quality. We work with our local, state and federal legislators as well as the local, state and federal agencies that regulate our water supplies, such as local water districts, State Department of Fish & Game, and the Bureau of Reclamation.


The NFL works with legislators and agency officials in an effort to achieve realistic regulations regarding worker housing and transportation, keeping these services affordable and practical for our growers. We are also active in the structuring of legislation deal with issues that include:

Car Pooling Regulations
Affordable Liability Insurance
Joint Emploiment and Worker Compensation Issues. 


Nisei Farmers League maintains a good working relationship with the Port of Oakland, as well as several other ports.

In addition, we maintain a good relationship with the local air district as well as the State California Air Resources Board and the Federal EPA who all have regulations regarding the transportation of goods.

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