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Membership in the Nisei Farmers League is open to all growers and related entities for an annual membership fee. The membership information, corresponding dues and services fees are available by appointment.

Membership Benefits

As a member of the Nisei Farmers League, you will have a variety of support materials available at a very minimal or no cost to you such as Company Policies and Employee Handbooks, Safety Training programs, poster packets (for various state and federal required postings), First Aid Kits (already signed off by a physician) and many more items to help keep your business in compliance with the various regulatory agencies. Also the NFL has legal consol on staff and spanish translations.


If you are interested in joining the league and would like to schedule an appointment. Please contact our office at
(559)251-8468, or Email Cheryl Lehn (Office manager) at clehn@niseifarmersleague.com

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